Mission & Philosophy

Keep to My Core Competency
Serve clients seeking visible results from pursuit and execution of updated corporate capital management initiatives, which may be actively conceived, justified, initiated, structured, affirmed, launched & managed toward positive outcomes. Selectively support client companies through relevant Performance Leadership work, including proprietary Crescent System.*

Embrace and demonstrate trustworthiness as central to the nature of client relationships

No Conflict of Interest
Strictly assure serving only one client at a time in any given product market area

Understand client's outlook to help assure it is fulfilled by my activity

Client Expectations
Assure a balance between positive results, and, what is pragmatically deliverable

Project Command
Assure a level of detail that suits comfortable understanding of client requirements

Profitable Results
Assure each outcome helps client organizations enjoy & sustain positive business impact.

Operating Philosophy,
- Focused practice dedicated to what is known
- Involvement in all engagements
- Pursuit of high quality as the best marketing tool
- Conduct all assignments from scratch to assure fresh information
- Only accept assignments requiring realistic results
- Limit case load to assure expeditious results
- Client's & my privilege to terminate engagements any time

Operating Scope
Includes Independently Affiliated Professional Partners In Europe, Asia, Pacific, North America, and the Developing World
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