Roger S. Elliott

corporate investment banker dedicated to efficient capital use

focused on strategic alternatives spanning

operating partnerships & joint ventures, organic growth, acquisitions, and divestitures

- - while selectively providing performance leadership support to clients - -

Clients are interested in visible results primarily from pursuit and execution of Operating Partnerships / Strategic Joint Ventures.

After founding The Elliott Company in 1979 as well as its holding entity The Elliott Corporation, business was successfully led through several decades that witnessed international growth and an ever-broadening positive reputation until early 2004. Today he is fully-retired but accepts limited senior advisory engagements.

Mr. Elliott has over 30 years experience serving large and medium-sized multinational enterprises in 36 countries. 80% of our business comes from repeat client relationships. Personal involvement by firm ownership & profit sharing among employees assures expeditious results & full commitment to client needs.

I offer collateral advice & selectively active help in the areas of JV Performance Metrics, Board of Directors Staffing, Organization Structuring, Leadership Staffing / Recruitment, and Leadership Team Compensation. From over 30 years of global experience I represent a unique source for insight into multi-lateral [ more than 2 entities ] strategic partnerships, spanning numerous industries.