Strategic Joint Ventures for Clients

ExxonMobil : BP Petroleum & Oil

Assisted ExxonMobil and BP Exploration & Oil with some of the planning, pursuit & initial execution of a multi-lateral partnership reflecting a complex and costly offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. This venture included partner companies needed for rig design & engineering, rig and rig hull construction plus very risky offshore assembly, exploration assurance & drilling, selective venture underwriting ( the rig topsides & rig caisson hull alone cost $1.6Bil ) , as well as oil pipeline engineering and gas pipeline engineering & development. Participating partner companies were truly global - - the oil rig caisson hull was built in Finland, pipe was German & Japanese, pipeline installation was Swiss, plus, offshore topsides assembly required an enormous specialty vessel from Italy. The intricacies of this complex project reflected very significant business risks in terms of timing, uncontrollables such as weather, and fluctuating currency exchange rates due to multi-natiional partner companies' involvement. The "launch" and "operating startup" results were under budget and on time - - reflecting truly unusual cooperation of international interests and differing skills - - carefully blended in a multi-lateral partnership under a common mission with overlapping values & trust.