Strategic Joint Ventures for Clients

Represented Cooper Tire & Rubber's interests to Chrysler and successfully drafted several arrangements that enhanced the Cooper Industrial Products' participation in Product Component Development Engineering & Pilot Production traded for opportunities that later sustained to become profitable strategic business
  • The "L Series" Passenger Car ( cab forward ) car line Ram truck product line for which Cooper innovated lighter weight, advanced rubber, and rubber/plastic/ metal combo materials components with higher reliability, tighter tolerances and better wear characteristics.

  • Cooper started with a Phase-I Strategic Product Engineering Agreement, migrated to a time-limited bi-lateral venture and today maintains a full-blown joint subsidiary.

  • Accelerated Cooper's new business expansion with GM, Honda, Navistar, Ford and even McDonnell Douglas; Today Cooper enjoys several profitable arrangements with the basis to charge for Development Engineering or command attention where years ago they suffered from being a second tier player behind Goodyear, Gates or Parker Hannifin.