Strategic Joint Ventures for Clients

(now Merck Biotech division of Merck KGaA)
Actively engaged to work with the US$2.5 Bil Ares-Serono (Switzerland) global product leadership. Ares-Serono was one of the 3 largest producers of biotech therapeutics in the world with distinctive competence in Fertility, Metabolic Endocrinology, and Oncology. Our last project emphasized assessment, detailed economic analysis, decision support & negotiation advisory with respect to a specific women's healthcare product line controlled by another corporation. The end-result sought was a joint venture or outright product line acquisition. A USA-only conclusion was moderately attractive with small 4yr payback + net ROI break even .. Global buyout @ 4 yrs showed a handsome ROCE and very positive ROI. 5-yr projections were very robust. Client was a two decade relationship commencing with Founding CEO Fabio Bertarelli & his COO who came from Amersham (UK). Engagements were conducted to further advance Biotech Manufacturing Operations to the cutting edge. we also were asked to help broaden the global product footprint of this hybridized private-controlled + minority publicly-financed multinational. After Mr. Bertarelli passed away, his son Ernesto Bertarelli took control of the company. He subsequently elected to sell control to Merck KGaA.